My Guide to Free Podcasts

In these rough economic times, it can sometimes be a challenge to have a flow a fresh entertainment flowing to your iPod, iPad, iTouch, iPhone, iEtc. One cost effective measure that I’ve been practicing to cut down on money I’d usually spend on downloads is subscribing to free podcasts. Many podcasts are free, especially the audio only ones, and most of them churn out new episodes weekly or monthly. If you subscribe to these podcasts, your iTunes software will refresh itself and download new episodes as soon as they’re available.

Now the only question is, which podcasts do you subscribe to? Here’s an easy way. Go to the iTunes store and search for topics that you have interest in. The iTunes search results will bring up all available media (music, movies, TV shows, apps, etc), which feature your interest… including podcasts.

I am a quasi comedy nerd and so my search led me to a heap of comedy based podcasts. There were a handful that stopped putting out new episodes (circa 2007) so after listening to those oldies, I just deleted those from my iTunes. If you’re into comedy and are looking for a few new podcasts to listen to, then you might want to check out these tasty selections.

Before I begin, I just want to say that there are probably some great podcasts out there outside of iTunes and if you have the time to track them down individually, download them, convert the file to your player format and upload the file to your player, then by all means do so. I however don’t have the time to go through all those steps just to hear a whiny brat spout off grade C- comedic jabs.

Doug Loves Movies
I mentioned in an earlier blog post about how much I’m into this podcast. Despite the rough patch I had with Doug Benson, my attitude towards the show has not waivered and if you love hearing today’s most relevant alternative comedians talk about movies and a whole lot else, hit that subscribe button.



MTV viewers in the late 90s remember this popular sex talk show starring Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky. What some may not realize is that the show has had much success in radio syndication both before and after MTV’s version of the show. Adam Corolla has since moved on to host his own podcast (one that I will not be plugging in this post) and Dr. Drew is now joined by KROQ underling, Psycho Mike Catherwood. The new co-host does bring a new energy and humorous optimism compared to Corolla, not to mention his impressions of Spencer Pratt and Gene Simmons are spot on. The free version of the podcast is only 10 minutes long, as opposed to paying for the 93-minute version. It sometimes cuts off in the middle of a great conversation but hey; you get what you pay for.

Jordan, Jesse Go!
Hosts, Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris are two no name aspiring media personalities in Los Angeles however their guests are sometimes the funniest comedic actors and comedians. The reason why I say “sometimes” is because these guys are hit or miss. The episodes sometimes run for an hour and a half and if the host isn’t all that interesting, you’ll see the show for what it really is… Jordan and Jesse trying to show the world how funny and popular THEY are and how it’s insane that they aren’t more successful than they are now. I say subscribe to the podcast but check the episode description to see who their guest is before synching with your device. If the guest isn’t your cup o’ tea, delete it and wait for the next one.

Meet the Filmmaker
Recorded in front of a live audience at the Apple Store in Soho, NYC, the podcast has a guest host and features relevant figures in entertainment. I first subscribed the the podcast for the guest comedians but I also have listened to episodes with film directors and Oscar winning actors. It’s a fresh take compared to many podcasts in the sense that majority of the episodes involve the guest answering audience questions with a guest moderator, usually a popular journalist or someone chosen by the guest and they are sometimes as entertaining as the guest.

Team Coco Podcast
Honestly if these three hosts (glorified interns) were not associated with the Conan show, the podcast would not exceed a listenership of 8 people. Those 8 people would include family and the people they’re screwing at the time. But since the podcast IS associated with the Team Coco movement I quickly subscribed. The guests are pretty interesting, getting to know the behind the scenes talent of the show. Unfortunately the talent does not transfer to the hosts. I don’t even know their names and 3 minutes of Googling them is all I will spend. Be expected to hear interesting guests while a chirpy female agrees with everything they say, while the other host tries to land a witty remark every 5 minutes in between apologizing for the other host not showing up half the time.

PRI: The Sound of Young America
Jordan, Jesse Go! co-host, Jesse Thorn goes solo on his own podcast to interview nationally recognized comedians, actors, musicians and authors. Jesse is considerably more tasteful compared to his other show and scales his quips back a bit to really let the program breathe. Plus with a running time of about 25 minutes, each episode isn’t such a huge commitment.


BTR: American Maple
Powered through Blog Talk Radio, hosts Jonathan Medina (American) and Kirsten Ward (Canadian) wade through technical difficulties as they discuss Gen X relevant pop culture. Because the two hosts are geographically separated and never experience the luxury of recording in the same studio, they host each episode using their telephones. What they lack in audio quality, they make up for in music content, knowledge of obscure Canadian wines and a unique chemistry between a male and female that is seldom found on a national level.

Onion News Network
The Onion has a proud tradition of delivering satire of modern news. They started out in print and now they are taking a dump all over TV news programs. SNL’s Weekend Update does not hold a flame to these guys. The only drawback is that each episode is only about 2 minutes long. What I like to do is wait until I rack up around 4 episodes in my cue to enjoy a healthy serving of my favorite video podcast.


I have linked each podcast to their official website (except for Meet the Filmmaker) but keep in mind that all of the above podcasts are found in the iTunes store. Enjoy!



  1. Hi, Fern.

    Just surfed in from the Postaweek2011 recently tagged posts page. I’ve discovered a few podcasts on BTR that I like. Since I’m more into music and writing tips content than comedy content, in general, I’ll try to check out the American Maple one next time I browse for podcasts.


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