Interview with Doug Loves Movies podcast guest, Sean Sakimae

Every year, Comedy Death-Ray holds an auction to benefit the Los Angeles Food Bank. In this auction, affiliated comedians commonly offer memorabilia. However comedian Doug Benson got a creative with his contribution to the auction. As the host of the Doug Loves Movies podcast, he auctioned a guest spot on the show as well as a chance to select the other guests to appear with the winner.

DLM auction winner - Sean Sakimae

When the auction closed, one man emerged victorious. His name is Sean Sakimae and he was willing to answer a few questions about his experience as a guest on Doug Loves Movies (DLM), along with his personal picks: Sarah Silverman, Edgar Wright, Chris Hardwick and Paul Scheer. Release date of the episode: January 28, 2011.

You won your spot on Doug Loves Movies podcast through the CDR auction. How much did you bid?

I managed to finish with the highest bid of $1,680.

Were there any other items in the auction that you bid on? Won any others?

I bid on several items, early on- DLM guest, CDR Radio co-host, Nerdist guest, walk-on role for Children’s Hospital (which was later removed), and Patton Oswalt‘s ice cream card (early on).

What’s the pre-show activity like for the podcast? Everybody getting high or just Doug?

The pre-show activities started with me waiting in the green room for about 10 minutes before everyone arrived. After that, I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Sorry.

Out of all the comedians with you on that episode, were any of them dicks?

I chose those particular guests because they’re ALL favorites of mine and have been on DLM previously. I can honestly say that every single one of them was genuinely nice. Each person talked to me and tried to get to know me (in the little time we had prior to the show).

Honestly, Sarah Silverman… prettier in person?

I used to have a HUGE crush on Sarah Silverman (from her SNL days to her doing stand up). Though she was a bit under the weather (and STILL came out) she STILL looked fantastic in person. I’d say, yes, prettier in person.

Were there any post-show shenanigans?

Post-show was a little weird for me. I heard Doug mention months back that the winner (before I won) would hang out and watch Comedy Death Ray (show following Doug Loves Movies). Well, he (Doug) had to take Edgar Wright somewhere so I only stayed around for a short time, as I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. I briefly talked to Scott Aukerman (host of CDR and the man responsible for the LA Foodbank charity auction), letting him know I was a big fan, but mainly to thank him for the auction which allowed me to be on Doug Loves Movies. I then thanked each of the guests (again), letting them know how grateful I was for their time and participation. I then left the theatre and proceeded to drive home.

I heard you get some quality comedic jabs of your own in the podcast (most notably during the “Big C” conversation). Are you an aspiring comedian yourself?

Aspiring comedian? now THAT is funny. I like to think I have a pretty quick wit (nothing like those of the other guests that night). I have had an interest in comedy writing and stand up but have never really taken either seriously. One of these days, maybe.

You can follow Sean Sakimae on twitter: @SnapTheJap



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