Robot Matchmaking

Today I watched my daughter sway back and forth in front of the television as she tried to do the “octopus dance.” Swaying your tentacle-like arms is just one of the many moves in the repertoire of Dance-a-Lot Robot on Playhouse Disney.

Being that Valentines is just around the corner; I began to think would be a perfect robot match for the children’s dance instructor. First things first, I’m assuming he’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just figured… male children’s dance instructor… the odds are in that orientation.

So who would be the lucky robot? Bender from Futurama? Nah, too vulgar and violent (as robots should be). Sex Robot from Whitest Kids U’Know? Nah, too sleazy.

My perfect match for Dance-a-Lot would be Gay Robot, from Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time. Gay Robot seems to be sincere in his feelings and yet melancholy enough to appreciate the motivation of a spirited partner. If that partner happens to be powered through the majesty of dance, then so be it.

Let the diesel-fueled fireworks fly for the perfect robot couple.


One comment

  1. In music the robot finds its soul with a twitch of the hips, a gyration of the arms, the bob of the head, the pulsation of electricity brings it as close as it can to being human. Such is a dancing robot. A little connects with her own mimicry. There they are, one, something different from being themselves, something like being on a plane that only exists where the wires or the nerves connect to a primal rhythm. And to each other.

    I remember when my Sophie, my first born, my colicky baby, first heard music. It soothed the longing that colic is all about. My goodness I was grateful. My four-month-old baby quieted, piqued her ears, and gave a listen. From that evening, I always had music on to keep those synapses in her brain happily firing.

    I love seeing Lola. She’s a blend of you two. She is already blowing our minds. She is the best of you both. One of those children I want to watch grow up.

    I also like watching you two as you find your way as parents.

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