Twitter “Trends” Mad Lib

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

The following is an improvised short story using US Twitter “Trends” topics at 6:30pm, Hawaii Time. Twitter “Trends” are highlighted in blue.

I was following the #NFLDraft online but I had #thatminiheartattackwhen your internet goes down. The customer service rep for my internet service provider started to flirt with me but I explained that “#urnotmytypeif you have a penis.” The customer service rep tried to change my mind, saying that he owns a #starship and looks like Seth Meyers. I said I’d think about it if he looked like Dana Carvey. He asked if I was into GSP but I was assumed he was referring to some new STD I haven’t heard of yet and so I just hung up.

I decided to just watch TV and luckily, Eagle Eye was on with guest star Jake Shields. I only watched for a few minutes before calling my friend Jonathan Cook, who was ironically “baking.”


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