Bad Week for Beards

Last night I watched actor, Will Ferrell take a razor to the face of late night talk show hero, Conan O’Brien. The host’s red beard has been his signature look ever since returning to television in September of 2010.

As I watched red flecks erupt from Ferrell’s hair buzzer, I wondered if this foolish publicity stunt could have greater ramifications. O’Brien’s beard was the product of the beard craze that America’s pop culture hasn’t seen since the era of southern rock bands in the 70s. The evidence is at festivals across the country. Whether at SXSW, Bonnaroo, or Warped Tour, beards have cropped up and sat upon the flannel collars of the most popular artists. As TBS viewers get reacquainted with the fresh face on Conan, will the rest of pop culture follow suit?

The events of this week may also affect the beard movement in other parts of the world. With the death of Osama Bin Laden on Sunday, terrorists lost one of the most iconic beards ever known. Will terrorists also resort to another look now that their poster boy is being served as fish food in the ocean somewhere?

Like any endangered beast, we must hold close to the beards we still have in our lives and appreciate them while they’re still around. Here are my favorite beards still in existence.

Actor/Comedian, Zach Galifianakis
Legend, Mr. T
Band, ZZ Top
Comedian, Jonny Sparkles


  1. thank god will ferrells’ next film is a drama, cause he was decidedly anti-funny tonight. coco shoulda kept the beard, but maybe it’s ratings week?

    i am personally of the ‘let men be men’ movement, that includes the distain for chest waxing and the like. men should have hair. end of story. the odd manscaping and general obsession of hair removal 9or the ladies too) has become a national neurosis. as long as everything is clear, it’s cool…

    you forgot to mention hollywood’s favorite beards: any one that dated tony perkins or rock hudson if you like vintage, penelope cruz, nicole kidman and katie holmes if you’re a cruise fan… and don’t get started on those on the ‘down low’. there’s a whole lotta beards there!

    • Thanks for the comment, Willow. As a man of Portuguese decent, I can appreciate the “let men be men” movement. Growing up with body hair in Hawaii is rough though. I’ve been teased about being hairy by my smooth-skinned Asian friends all my life.

      I’ve recently adopted the “scruff look” so maybe this will lead to a slow decent into the pool of beard-dom!

  2. I agree it doesn’t always have to be removed…They should be manly men not squeeky clean action figures (unless that’s what they want.)

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