The Real Deal – PIMPBOT’s 3rd Album

I usually try to steer the subject of my blog posts toward pop culture but this week I have to address something that is dear to my heart, balls and soul.

I am the singer and trombonist of PIMPBOT, a band that I started after getting out of college in 2001. I’ve been driving my tunes into the skulls of ska fans for the last 10 years and this year is shaping to be one of the most pivotal in my music career.

My band is about to release its third full-length album. In a land of cover bands and watered-down reggae known as “Jawaiian,” I have faced a constant uphill battle for my music to be heard. The case with this 3rd album is no different.

After coming off of an east coast tour, the band’s funds are exhausted, to say the least, and are now counting on family, friends and fans to help put this album out. This is more than a plea to get donations for just another album so that we can get more money and head out on another tour, then record, then tour, then record, etc. If this is my last mark on Earth to sum up my musical existence, I will be okay with that. I believe in this album THAT much. I’ve never been so proud of any of my projects. I believe in every beat, chord and lyric.

If I heard this album 10 yrs ago and was told that it was my band, I would’ve crapped myself. This is the album I have been waiting to make, with haunting harmonies, soul-twisting chord progressions and undeniable rhythms. The stories in these songs are so real and personal, not only to myself but any struggling musician crawling out from the doldrums of defeat. I’ve been “road testing” this album and it has never left my CD deck as I drive through the streets of Honolulu. I want to hear this album over and over again.

Not only am I asking for the support of ska, reggae and punk fans… but fans of music that comes straight from the marrow. Fans of dreams coming true. Fans of keeping hope alive.

I thank you in advance for your support.



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