Macho Man joins the Zombie World Wrestling Federation

American men in their 20’s and 30’s secretly wept as the news of Macho Man Randy Savage’s death swept through media sources today. Many wrestlers have left us during these post WWF years (in my heart, it’ll always be WWF and not WWE), however the death of Savage brings an end to an era. It is the end of “Macho Madness.”

Will we ever see the likes of our Slim Jim snapping hero again? Perhaps.

What I mean by this is the zombie uprising. When (not if) the zombie uprising occurs, I will launch my wrestling organization, known as the Zombie World Wrestling Federation.

The following roster contains my starting line-up of deceased wrestling legends in the organization.

ZWWF Commissioner, Gorilla Monsoon
ZWWF Announcer/Commentator, Lord Alfred Hayes
ZWWF Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Andre the Giant
ZWWF Intercontinental Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth (manager)
ZWWF World Tag Team Champions, The Public Enemy
ZWWF Women's Champion, The Fabulous Moolah

Coming soon to a zombie uprising near you!


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