2011 – A Cursed Year for Beards?

On May 3rd of this year, I posted a blog entry called Bad Week for Beards. It covered the loss of the red beard from the face of late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien. Also in the same week we lost Osama Bin Laden, keeper of the world’s most iconic terrorist beard. Although the western world didn’t shed much tears for the latter.

Ryan Dunn

Politics and morals aside, 2011 is losing more beards as the months go on in 2011. Since my post last month, there has been two more of what I call “beard-talities” (beard deaths). Unlike Conan’s case, the keepers of the collection of whiskers did not live to see another day. On May 20th we lost pro wrestling legend, Macho Man Randy Savage. Then exactly one month later, Jackass-famed personality Ryan Dunn died in a horrific car wreck on June 20th.

Both entertainers were rarely seen sans beard and could have very well attributed to the influx of lumberjack-esque facial hair on today’s hipsters. Will we see a turnaround for beards in 2011? Lord knows the media is doing its damnedest to do so. Here are two examples:

IFC’s Whisker Wars – As society adjusts to life without famous beards, the new show on the Independent Film Channel breeds a new race of whisker warriors as light is shed on the sport of competitive facial hair growing. Whisker Wars premieres on Friday, August 5th.

The Smurfs Movie – the upcoming 3D live-action/CGI film stars our typically hairless, little blue friends. However the elder of the pack rocks one of the most iconic white beards of the 1980s. Of course I’m talking about Papa Smurf. Being from the Middle Ages, we know for certain that Papa Smurf cannot drive a car and therefore cannot experience a death similar to Macho Man and Ryan Dunn. The Smurfs Movie has gone through several release date changes (curse?) however the most recent publicized release date is July 29, 2011.

These hot and sticky summers are hard enough on our bearded brethren. A beard curse doesn’t help. Let’s hope beards have a turn in fortune and that I won’t be writing a summer wrap-up of more facial hair fatalities… beard-talities.


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