Adding Up the Small Stuff for a Silver Lining

Yes. A supervisor at work attempted to get me in trouble for NOT working on my break.

Yes. In trying to be funny, I insulted the staff of my local newspaper.

Yes. My dinner plans were thwarted due to being drenched in vomit.

Most would consider this to be a horrible day. For me, not even close. I work in customer service therefore any living thing that can pick up a telephone has the right to crap on me. I’m a comedian (by night), so wisecracks often fall on all-too-serious ears. I’m a father. Poop and vomit is my business. It’s just a lil’ tough when all three worlds collide in one day.

But still… if I balance out the mini “silver linings” in my day, I still end up ahead. I will now share these events with you. Keep in mind… sometimes, you have to look for the small things that make you smile. They really add up.

Lemoyne EP by Fluorescent Biege

I discovered some new tunes. Jeremy Arambulo is the star of a new webseries called “Mythomania.” What many of its viewers may not know is that Arambulo records his own songs under the name “Fluorescent Beige.” His new EP is called “Lemoyne” and acoustic singer/songwriter fans can download it for free at Soundcloud. I’m listening to it as I write this blog post.

I was offered a gig. I am an aspiring stand-up comedian and I was asked to do a show with comedian, David Lee. True, it’s not a shot at instant fame or anything but it was the first comedy show offered to me outside of my usual circle of comedians who usually book me. It’s all about baby steps. If the circle keeps slowly expanding, who knows what other opportunities are on the horizon.

My daughter - Photo by Lisa Hoang of Windwardskies Photography

Speaking of baby steps, my 17-month-old daughter continues to inspire me daily. As she suffers through the diarrhea and vomiting episodes of the stomach flu, she somehow delivers a smile that instantly lights up the room. If my daughter can smile after exploding from both ends, then whining about the tribulations of my life seem silly.

As a bonus, I ended my day with a lowball of whiskey on the couch, watching an episode of Conan. The musical guest was Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. I found his flavor of contemporary jazz to be very soulful and he delivered an amazing performance. As a trombone/singer frontman myself, it motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing.

Dark clouds are temporary. They drain out and pass over. There is always something big and bright right behind it.



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