I Guess We’re Doing Something Right

Today marks 17 months and 2 weeks for my baby girl. Well, not really a baby anymore. Her scuffs, scrapes and bruises are clear indicators that she’s a toddler now and what many refer to as the “terrible twos.” However watching my daughter in wonderment as she interacts with the world is worth enduring a tantrum just because her coloring book has too many pages.

My daughter began nurturing her stuffed animals earlier this week and a few days later, began playing with dolls. Today I watched her lovingly place her doll on the floor, cover it with a blanket, pat it on the back, laid down next to it with a book and started whispering. It blew my mind. She was copying her own sleep routine that my wife and I do with her every evening.

To see my daughter be so gentle in caring for her doll and know that she is imitating the way we care for her means we’re doing something right. I’m proud of my daughter for being so smart and I’m proud of my wife and I for setting an example of loving care.


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