Fall 2011 Top TV Picks

On September 11, 2011 we experienced yet another national tragedy. HBO aired the series finale of Entourage. Not only does it bring the end to one of HBO’s best dramas, it also brings an end to our summer television programming.

As you may have remembered last fall, I posted Fall 2010 Top TV Picks. It was a post for myself, more than anything; an attempt at organizing my fall faves with their corresponding premiere dates. My situation for this fall is no different. As my DVR box hungrily awaits new assignments, like a nerd on his first day of school, I present to you my guide to television programming for the fall 2011 season:

Brand New Series

2 Broke Girls (CBS) - premieres September 19th
Up All Night (NBC) - premieres September 14th
The X Factor (FOX) - premieres September 21st
Terra Nova (FOX) - premieres September 26th
The Playboy Club (NBC) - premieres September 19

Major Network

Community (NBC) - premieres September 22
Parks and Recreation (NBC) - premieres September 22nd
The Sing-Off (NBC) - premieres September 19th


Boardwalk Empire (HBO) - premieres September 25th
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) - premieres September 15
Bored to Death (HBO) - premieres October 10th
Workaholics (Comedy Central) - premieres September 20th
Nick Swardson's Pretend Time (Comedy Central) - premieres October 5th
The League (FX) - premieres October 6th


Web Series

Mythomania (currently mid-season)




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