A Drinking Game for Nerds: Wizard Staff

I have never personally been a fan of drinking games. Even in my college days, I always felt that drinking games got in the way of my drinking. I often said to myself, “Why wait for something to happen in order for me to drink? I’ll just drink right now.”

Wizard Duke

It seems that drinking games are once again surrounding me, 10 years since stepping foot on a college campus. Lately I’ve been re-acquainting myself with the holiest of drinking games, as the host of KPOI’s Beer Pong at The Varsity. As I finally nailed down the minutia of the sport, ANOTHER game was introduced to me. On a fateful night where 60 cans of Coors Light needed to be consumed, some friends of mine began tossing a roll of tape around the room for a game of “Wizard Staff.”

According to partyschooled.com, the rules of “Wizard Staff” are as follows:

The object of the game is simple, build the biggest wizard staff that you can build in order to claim your spot as the most powerful wizard

To play you need to follow these simple rules:

Everyone starts by grabbing a can of beer. You are all now level 1 wizards. When you finish your can of beer you grab a new can of beer and duct tape it to the top of the empty can of beer. You are now a level 2 wizard. Once you finish your 2nd can you can grab a third can and duct tape that on top of the two empty ones, you are now a level 3 wizard. This is the way you grow your wizard staff, by finishing beers and duct taping them to your empty cans

Now drinking beers and duct taping them to the empties is not the only aspect to this game. Decide before hand whether you want to face a boss every 3 or every 5 beers.Say you pick 3 beers; this means that every three beers you must have a boss battle to move onto the next level. In this game boss battles require you to take a shot of liquor. So after your third beer you must defeat the first boss, in this case “Boss Daniels” for a shot of Jack Daniels. Once you have taken a shot of Jack you can grab your fourth beer and move onto level 4 wizardry. Your next boss battle would come after you finish your 6th beer, then 9th, then 12th, etc, etc…

Wizard Staff is a marriage of the love of drinking with the fantasy of being an all-powerful wizard. Who says nerds can’t be alcoholics? They drank in Revenge of the Nerds, right?


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