Wave of the Alcoholic Future: Pouched Cocktails

Walmart never seems to disappoint when it comes to offering you things you don’t need. Or maybe it’s things you THOUGHT you didn’t need. Such was the case on my latest Walmart run. I had originally planned the errand in order to grab a stash of Ricola for the sickly love of my life.

As I passed one of the cashier stands, the fate of my evening found me at eye level. It was a pouch of alcohol. I’ll say it again… a pouch of alcohol. A company by the name of Daily’s now provides you with pouched cocktails in multiple flavors. They are designed to be frozen, however if there was the need for immediate fun, a desperate partier could just drink out of the bag. Like an “adult” Capri Sun.

These on the go beverages are still new to the market and so they are probably still pretty easy to consume in public. The real selling point for these puppies is the price. These 10 ounce pouches go for just $1.97.



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