Going Sticker Crazy

I was about 4 or 5 years old when my mother called me into the living room one afternoon. She turned away from the receiver of our rotary phone to tell me that my uncle had bought be a pack of superhero puffy stickers. I trembled with excitement over the course of that week, leading up to the 45-minute bus ride from Waianae to Honolulu to get my hands on that adhesive joy.

Not since those days of my youth have I been this excited again about stickers, thanks to an online company called GetGlue. Not so much because they have my favorite superheroes on them, although some of them still do. Rather, my spirits are lifted from the fact that the stickers now sport my favorite items in media and of course… because they’re FREE.

The New York based social network rewards users for checking in and sharing what they are listening to, watching, reading, or just thinking about. Once users accumulate 20 reward stickers, GetGlue will mail them to you, free of charge. Users can brag out their stickers by linking their account to their twitter, facebook and tumblr. Although doing so is not mandatory. As a user myself, sometimes I just enjoy informing my friends on other social networks that I’m watching a Planet of the Apes marathon. Sometimes it ends up sparking a whole new conversation. Mostly about apes taking over the world.

But I digress, what most unfamiliar readers are now asking is “how do I earn my stickers?” Well, there are two types of stickers that are commonly available. There are “Fan stickers” and “Limited Time” stickers. There are other stickers that are offered (like a sticker of a generic vinyl record for “liking” a number of bands or whatever) but what I’m talking about are the COOL stickers. The ones that actually have images of the stuff you like.

Fan stickers are earned by checking-in to an item multiple times. 5 check-ins earn you a Fan sticker. 15 check-ins earn you a Super Fan stickers. Are these stickers available on all items and topics on GetGlue? No. In order to find out if stickers are offered for a topic, I would suggest clicking on the topic and if stickers are offered, it’ll say so in the top right corner. Below is an example of the page for the band, Queen and their stickers that are offered.

Limited Time stickers are offered to coincide with special events, such as a season premiere of a television series. In this case, the sticker is only earned if you check-in during the duration of the episode airing. As a tip to my fellow Hawaii residents, I’d suggest to check-in early, sometime between Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Pacific Standard Time (PST). I’ve been burnt in the past for checking in to a premiere during Hawaii Standard Time (HST). Other special events that warrant these types of stickers are opening weekend for films, conventions (Comic Con) and dvd/album releases.

GetGlue works with large ventures, investment companies and other investors to fund these stickers so it would make sense that stickers are only offered for nationally trending topics. For instance, my band PIMPBOT is on GetGlue and you can certainly check-in to us but there are no stickers to be gained. Except for a generic “Fan” and “Super Fan” sticker, which has a baseball cap or shield or whatever on it; non-specific to the topic at hand.

In tough economic times as these, it’s always fun to get something for free. If you have the slightest interest in pop culture, the odds are you are eligible from some free stickers. Happy checking-in!


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