First Time Watching a Same-Sex Wedding

I’m usually a day or so behind when catching up on my DVR’d television programming. Tonight I watched the final night of Conan in NYC. It was a grand return for Conan O’Brien since leaving his NYC based show “Late Night” in 2009.

What caught my attention was the featured guest on the show, Louis CK. At the end of Conan’s opening monologue I also learned that the episode would end with a televised same-sex marriage. I didn’t think much of it at first, as I often usually don’t make it all the way through an episode of Conan anyway. However the string of NYC shows were tailored with numerous surprise appearances and hilarious bits that kept me glued. Then the time finally came. At the point where Conan usually has a musical guest, he instead stood on stage with David Gorshein, one half of the same-sex wedding that was about to take place.

It was at that point where I realized that I have never seen a same-sex wedding before. That partially kept my interest. I also was curious at how serious Conan would make the 5-minute ceremony. All of that was enough for me to keep watching Conan’s costume designer Scott Cronick walk down the theater isle to join his partner on stage.

The two grooms exchanged vows and I was literally blown away at the love they shared. You could see the emotion bubbling in their eyes. I realized that what I was witnessing was an absolute love. A love without labels. It wasn’t 2 men in love… it was just two human beings.

It was at this point that I felt shame. I grew up in a church that spoke ill of homosexuals on a weekly basis. Sure I had gay friends growing up but I was always forced to give the generic “I respect what they believe in but I can’t agree with it” spiel. I’m so ashamed of what I “thought” I believed.

I stopped going to church about 4 years ago and since then, my world has opened up a lot. I still feel I have a personal relationship with God but my experiences with churches in the last 12 years have just really put a bad taste in my mouth. I know Christians will say that in order to believe in GOD, I have to go to church but screw it. This is my path and if a church believes that people like Scott and David should be denied of their love for each other, then I have no desire to be apart of their congregation.

I don’t want to get preachy in my own right. I’m not saying everyone should think this or that. I’m just expressing how I was moved by viewing this same-sex wedding and I hope to attend one in person one day.

Mazel tov to Scott Cronick & David Gorshein!


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