The Cosby Show cast on twitter

As with most of my pop culture themed posts, I attempt to do the work that that my readers don’t want to do.  Compiling lists and entertaining alternative scenarios to thoughts filed in the dusty cabinet in the back of your brain. In the same vein, I bring you a list of The Cosby Show cast members currently on twitter.

On IMDB, the cast list boasts a mile of actors. In order to keep the list short and sweet, my list here will only contain cast members who appeared in 30 or more episodes. In true Cosby tradition, Lisa Bonet will not be appearing on this list. Perhaps by the time I compile a list of twitter accounts for the cast of A Different World, she’ll have a greater online presence.

Bill Cosby – @BillCosby
Phylicia Rashad – @PhyliciaRashad
Malcolm-Jamal Warner – @MalcolmJamalWar
Keshia K Pulliam – @peachespulliam
Tempestt Bledsoe – @TempesttBledsoe
Raven-Symone` – @MissRavenSymone
Deon Richmond – @DeonRichmond

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