Midseason 2012 Top TV Picks

It’s 2012 and while we wait for sweet Mayan death in December, we might as well watch some TV. It’s officially midseason in the world of tube entertainment and I gotta say that while I am excited for some shows, I’m really heartbroken about Community not coming back on NBC. This isn’t one of those Conan situations, where us fans love the show but aren’t what you would classify as “loyal viewers.” I tuned into Community every Thursday so when I heard they’re not coming back… it stung.

But I digress. All in all, we came out of a really strong fall season. I was really pleased with the selections from my Fall 2011 Top TV Picks blog. Those continuing onto the midseason have my support. I figured I’ll use this blog post to highlight some programs that are either brand spankin’ new to the scene or shows that have not seen any light since last year’s midseason.

Let’s start with IFC‘s exclusive midseason delights.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein return for season two of Portlandia with a slew of guest stars. Season Two kicks off this Friday (1/6) with the episode titled “Mixology,” guest starring Adam Samberg of Saturday Night Live. If you can’t wait til Friday to watch some new Portlandia, episode two from this season, “One Moore Episode” is already online here. I’ve already viewed it and I can attest that season two does not disappoint. Jeff Goldblum is a guest on episode two and his creepy delivery is solid gold.

For those of you on GetGlue, checking in during Friday’s season premiere will earn you the Mixology sticker.

Immediately following Portlandia on IFC is season two of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, starring David Cross. Season one left viewers on a real cliff hanger so I would not suggest a first time viewer diving into this episode ill-equipped. If you need to get caught up or maybe just need a refresher,  IFC offers a Taiwanese animated recap of season one here.

Now onto some series premieres.

After getting your weekly fill of The Simpsons and Family Guy, FOX airs a two-episode premiere of Napoleon Dynamite. The animated series is an adaptation of the popular film and brings back its core cast for voice talent. Honestly, I don’t think audiences would buy signature phrases like “Flippin’ Sweet” if they were not voiced by Jon Heder.

Those checking in on GetGlue during the premiere on Sunday (1/15) will earn stickers and if you watch the trailer now, you can earn the “Napoleon Dynamite Coming Soon” sticker here.

MADtv veterans, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele return to the realm of sketch comedy with their new aptly named series, Key & Peele. The show will feature both filmed and live stage sketch performances, similarly to (dare I mention) Mr. Show. Comedy Central has been snippets of the duo since November. If you’d like to get a taste of the series prior to its premiere on January 31st, click here.

And for those of us with toddlers…

While Disney Junior nears its first anniversary, a new animated series is added to the tyke-friendly program schedule. The Octonauts is a series based on the children’s books written by Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy. On January 9th, viewers will be introduced to the underwater crew, led by Captain Barnacles, as they embark on missions to rescue marine animals. Those familiar with children’s programming might see this as a cross between Special Agent Oso (Disney Jr) and The Wonder Pets (Nick Jr). If you would like to get familiar with the characters before buying plush versions of them, you can see them here.

I hope this guide proves useful as this midseason tides us through sweeps and to what will hopefully be an interesting summer season.


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