Poor Man’s Pasta

I’m a husband/father that works in customer service, radio and I’m a musician. In other words… I’m poor.

I enjoy spending any money that I do have on my family and so when it comes to myself… let’s just say that I like to get creative.

Today was one of those rare days where I was solo for lunch. Alas, an opportunity to frankstein together a meal for myself. I was able to dig up a tupperware of leftover bowtie pasta. No sauce, you say? Perhaps you aren’t looking hard enough. I am thankful for my days in college, where I discovered my gift of poor man’s delicacies.


I came across a bottle of ranch dressing. It kinda looked like alfredo sauce so I figured I’d give it a shot. After a few bites, I found the ranch dressing to be more tart in nature than the creamy texture to which it was intended.


Was my soon to be room temperature meal ruined? Again, I say nay. To balance the tart, I used katsu sauce. I used this crazy bulldog brand that I have from the Asian market, but feel free to use old Zippys’ packets from your last potluck, or just make your own katsu sauce with a mixture of ketchup and soy sauce, BBQ sauce or anything reddish brown in nature.

I found it to blend well with the ranch dressing and so my pasta was saved! A victory in the poor man’s column.


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