A Cold Bottle of Delirium

I recently began tagging along with my wife and daughter on their regular trips to Whole Foods. It turns out the organic food haven offers more than the tasty curries and salads that were brought home from time to time. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very exotic selection of beer, coming only second to Ward Warehouse’s Liquor Collection.

Having celebrated Christmas only a couple of months ago, visions of eggnog have still been dancing in my head. Hence my hand immediately gravitated toward a large bottle that looked like it could have been filled with either eggnog or Jack in a Box’s Oreo cookie shake.

Upon further inspection, it was clear that it was just the color of the bottle. Nonetheless, I was intrigued. The bottle read, “Delirium Nocturnum,” featured a pink elephant and was 8.5% ABV. I was game. The bottle went straight into my canvas reusable grocery bag.

Back at Pacheco manor, the cold bottle of mystery stood on my desk. The Belgian brewery obviously doesn’t believe in “born on dates” so there was no knowing the age of this bottle. But from judging the way the foil sort of melted in my hands, this bottle may be either old or has been stored in various temperatures. However it was too late to turn back now. I had made a thirteen-dollar investment and I was determined to ride the pink elephant, if you will.

Mind you, I’m no beer expert. But if you are a fan of the nut brown variety, this would be right up you alley. Honestly, I loved every sip of this thing and as far as the 8.5% ABV goes… well, you know how it ends.

When I was later able to read again, I decided to check out the official Delirium website. After selecting your respective language, visitors are greeted by Delirium Brewery Managing Director, Alain De Laet. After welcoming you to the site, he gives you the option to learn more by clicking on the beer bottle of your choice. What I found entertaining is like many DVD interactive menus, De Laet just sorts of waits around for you to make a selection. He slowly gets more and more impatient, talking about how the wait is making him thirsty. The DVD menu for Harold and Kumar does the same thing. Little things like that amuse me. So if you’re easy to please like I am, definitely check it out. Both the website and the Harold Kumar DVD. Either of the two makes for a great afternoon.


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