Controlling Online Rage

rageRoad rage… online rage. What’s the difference? Not much. Both can cause you to perform actions that you’ll later regret.

Road Rage: Honking at a car in front of you. You give ’em the one-fingered salute and call them names that would only be allowed on television during safe harbor. The car comes to a stop, the opposing driver tilts out their car – boasting physical stats twice of your own. Next thing you know, you’re having a curbside root canal.

Online Rage: You exchange not-so-pleasantries online. You send a private message and advise them in which of their body cavities they can send their posts. Then in instant cowardice, block them.The opposing user is a social networking juggernaut. Your livelihood is in social media. They publicly speak out against you online. Eventually no one wants to come near anything you post. Your online career is over.

The difference between the two is that the latter happens a lot more often because people are often more courageous when hiding behind a monitor. However the repercussions of that scenario can be much worse compared to mouthing off behind the wheel. It’s easier to pay a bunch of medical bills than to look for a new job.

Calming that rage online can be handled similarly to your actions made to prevent physical confrontation. Take a few deep breathes. Remove yourself from the situation. Take some time off before coming back to that warm glow of the monitor.

Doing so helped me today. It also helps to have an awesome daughter to hug.



  1. I never really gave much thought about online rage. But your comparison totally makes sense. I think with online rage, people can definitely be more passive aggressive, especially when updating their status and tagging pictures.

    Check out my post on how to reduce work stress and improve your supervisor relationship.

    Hope you can find some of those tips helpful! They’re probably applicable to road rage and online rage. I’d love to hear what you think about my post and blog! 🙂

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind.

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