Too Many Cats

Allow me to cough and/or sneeze from the dust collected on this blog as I have not posted anything since becoming a full-time blogger for being808.

Now that I’m starting to get into the rhythm of things, I’m making an effort to write more and to create content outside of my paid duties. To kick things off, I though I’d share something simple and colorful. Over the past weekend I was flipping through a few Honolulu publications and I noticed how many images of cats I came across. Lemme put it out there that I’m not a fan of cats. I don’t wish any harm upon the felines of the world, however I understand that in society a choice must be made – are you a dog or a cat person? For me, the choice is going to be canines through and through.

After 2-3 glasses of wine, I decided to share my frustration of the cat surplus via clippings and a few smears from my glue sticks. With that, I present to you “Too Many Cats.” Enjoy…


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