Predicting the Next Hipster Trend… Vikings!

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My band recently performed at bar which was home base to a Zombie Apocalypse Pub Crawl. Honolulu’s Chinatown district was packed with zombies and for once, it wasn’t the crackhead kind. Despite the zombie phenomenon being at the forefront in hipster culture for the past few years, I recently came across a facebook group page called Enough Zombies Already. The online backlash of our brain-hungry monsters suggests that perhaps the hipsters are ready for the next big thing.

In the early 2000s, novelty stores were filled to the brim with ninja paraphernalia, only to be followed by the pirate mania years later. So what now? My prediction is vikings.

To me, it’s a no-brainer (zombie pun intended). Vikings follow the historic warrior trend as the ninja and pirates have, along with all the mythological violence of zombies. Plus, let’s not forget about a crucial hipster factor… facial hair. Ironic handlebar mustaches are everywhere and every knitted wool-capped, fixed-geared bicyclist is rocking a beard. These face-warmers are synonymous with Vikings. A responsible viking wouldn’t rape and pillage without it. It would be completely unbecoming.

So there you have it. There’s my next prediction… or maybe this is my vain attempt at trying to start my own trend. Poking fun at hipsters is incredibly fun but I can’t throw too many stones. I love myself a good zombie flick and my bicycle is just one hub turn away from being a fixed gear. Now somebody, hand me a PBR!



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