Breakfast with a Broke Ass: McDonald’s Egg White Delight

20130615-101300.jpgThe good people at Klout recently sent me a perk to help me start the day. In an effort to cater to a health-minded market, McDonald’s poked the yoke out of one of their signature breakfast menu items to offer the new Egg White Delight McMuffin.

Usually only having enough spare change to buy their Dollar Menu‘s Sausage McMuffin, I was more than willing to get fancy with some egg in the AM. Honestly, I’m so dead tired in the morning, all I really require of my breakfast is for something to scrape the roof of my mouth before scalding it with some hot coffee.

I opened my Delight wrapper to find a familiar looking McMuffin with a tongue of white hanging out, front and center. Keep in mind, I inhale my food so I’ll try to reminisce about its brief existence. There were two things that I enjoyed:

1) For some reason, I expected egg whites to be dry. Forgive me, I’m no chef and I don’t have egg whites very often. But overall, the innards of the McMuffin were very moist.

2) Possibly because it was yolk-less, I found it to have an even consistency.

Before I knew it, the Egg White Delight morsels were drowned by my steaming cup of McDonald’s brew. As you may have noticed, there was no mention of hash browns. Klout sent me a $5 Arch Card to get he value meal. But instead, I just got the sandwich and the coffee, allowing a little extra for me to go back to the dollar menu during lunch. Ah yes, this broke ass shall dine again!



  1. We need to talk about producing a TV show one of these days called “$10 A Day.” Loved this post! And man, around the summer of 2009, you’d have dropped dead with delight here in Philly: the McD’s near my house opened at 5am (right around the time I was leaving for work), and did a $.39 Sausage McMuffin. No, not a biscuit! A mother-lovin’ Sausage McMuffin! That summer, Ronald, Grimace & Mayor McCheese saved my life…I’ll never forget them.

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