Ewa Bird Show: I came for the birds but I stayed for the worms

20130622_132851-1Another Saturday rolled around and I asked my daughter where she wanted to go. “We can go anywhere you want,” I said in my most enchanting Willy Wonka-esque voice. After rattling off a few options, she sheepishly replied with “the zoo.”

Just to be sure we weren’t missing out on anything magnificent, I double checked our local event listings. Lo and behold, thanks to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, I came across info on the Ewa Bird Show. Its description promised live pigeons, chickens and fish. I was sold! Did I mention it was free. Yeah, bitch… it was free.

“Change of plans, family. We’re going to Ewa!” It was one of the many Clark Griswold-like moments I experience with my family. You know, where daddy has a grand vision and the family just kinda go along with it? That’s pretty much my life. After promising my daughter that she’ll get to pet a bunny, she was all in.

20 minutes later, we were in the historic plantation neighborhood of Ewa. The bird show itself was at Ewa Elementary School but because the event was gangbusters, we found parking down the street, which gave us the opportunity to soak up some historic plantation culture – lots of old homes… some better kept than others. It’s always nice to appreciation a bygone era.

Up first were the pigeons – probably the strongest represented animal at the show. We commonly consider them as Hawaii’s disease-infested nuisance of the sky. However these pigeons were unicorn-level majestic. I didn’t get a chance to jot down all the different breeds but trust me, these were the poodles of the pigeon world.

Equally beautiful and exotic were the chickens. You can make all the Filipino/cock fighting jokes you want. Those guys know how to raise chickens. There were roosters the size of turkeys. I could be wrong but they also looked pretty pissed. I almost handed over my lunch money.

In the center of it all was a one-stop shop of sorts. Ewa Blue Worms had their setup of a dwarf bunny petting zoo and a station for worm composting. My wife and I had always entertained the thought of worm composting but have never got around to starting it up. Well here it was in front of us… The worms, the bins, and burlap sacks. If we did pick it up now, it was never going to happen. Before committing to toting along worms with us for the rest of the afternoon, we spent some time taking in the rest of what the show had to offer – koi, goldfish, tortoises, ducks, and quails. Also, a very cozy craft fair coupled with a snack bar area with Jamba Juice smoothies and $1 hotdogs.

I scarfed the smoothie and wiener with just one thing on my mind… worms. There we were, back at the tent getting instructions on creating our own compost that will propel our garden to the next plateau of organic heaven.

Which brings me to where I am now. Wearing a black Ewa Bird Show t-shirt in my living room and $30 worth or worms in the kitchen. Enjoy the gallery below. I’ll include pics of the worms in a separate post later on… assuming they survive.



  1. thank you for writing a terrific article on the ewa bird show. my son cameron coordinated this event along with supporting members of the pigeon and chicken clubs. this is the 3rd year for this type of event so hopefully by this advertisement, more children will take an interest and relate to backyard animals and care for them instead of constantly being on computers or texting on their phones.

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