Product Review: One Wipe Charlies

20130630-223839.jpgI recently became a member of the Dollar Shave Club and I kinda feel like a sucker for doing so. Klout awarded me a perk a few months ago where I could test drive Dollar Shave Club’s new Shave Butter. I want to focus on the butt wipes so I won’t focus too much on the Shave Butter but I gotta say, it really spoiled me for all other shaving experiences. My skin gets irritated very easily and this butter seems medicated in the sense where I experience a welcomed numbness and no aftershave is needed.

After such a positive experience, I checked out the other products available from the club. Of course there was the assortment of razors but what really stopped me in my tracks was One Wipe Charlies. I love wiping my butt. Bathroom time is one of the last sacred activities I have left in life. These wipes promised to be flushable and peppermint scented. Sold.

9 days later, I received my first membership box in the mail. Unfortunately it was already midday – past my usual morning “coffee bomb.” When the following morning came, I was ready; butt wipes in hand.

20130630-223943.jpgThe real test, would they live up to their name? Have I encountered a product that would curb me down to just one wipe? Unfortunately the included instruction sheet had already answered my question before my plaid shorts hit my ankles.

The first few wipes were tightly packed together, so when I was ready for my first pull, I had 4 Charlies with me. Despite a normal preface with the regular TP, my morning “drop” involved three of the four Charlies. The moisture of the wipes are on par with everything else on the market, although I did find them a bit narrow. Someone with slightly larger hands than mine would find themselves in potential accidental stinky pinky territory.

Yes, it was a disappointment that these One Wipe Charlies don’t live up to their name, leaving a bidet as the only true paper saver. However with its peppermint scent, coupled with Shave Butter, Dollar Shave Club leaves me with all cheeks tingling after my morning routine.


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